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The high values were initially presenting quickly. So that 530 million, five hundred euros of banknotes were in movement throughout the first seven years. The rate of rising was next slowed intensely. Around 424 million banknotes were in movement in June 2020. It is the least commonly used quantity. It is the major bill with a scale of 160 / 82 mm and a purple color arrangement, containing 1.7% of the total banknotes, with five hundred euros showing connections and arch/doors in current architecture.

Altering the color of ink on the number at the spinal of the note which tends to change color when the note is slanting from purple to brown. A transparent number in the top corner seems to fit flawlessly together, if it is held against the light, on both sides, as the figure value. A shiny stripe on the back of the note showing the number value and sign of the euro.



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